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Photo by Richard Hurd

SMBA Progressive Luncheon

Please join us on Thursday, August 15th, for a three-course meal and a full luncheon of networking! Members and guests will have the opportunity to meet with several different groups to share information about themselves and their business. This luncheon is always a huge hit because attendees are able to spend the majority of their time making connections. As guests mingle, they will be served a 3-course meal. We look forward to seeing a full crowd!

Guests are welcome and encouraged. Please note, however, for this luncheon, first-time guests are required to pay the $25 fee in order to cover the extra food that will be provided.

If you have not renewed your membership, you will also be asked to pay the guest fee.

Registration deadline is noon on Tuesday, August 13th, and you can register on our website at

** Please note. Our website is still new and has a few tweaks that need to be made. You will be asked to sign in and create a password. If you experience any trouble with the process or find that you are not in the system, please contact Kristen at Thank you for your patience as we transition!